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Discovering Our Housemaid's Secret
It was on a Wednesday afternoon that I reluctantly came home early from work at around 2pm. I noticed my wife's car wasn't there parked in our driveway as usual and that meant I had the house to myse...
When I was only nineteen I was lucky enough to be stationed near Tokyo with the military. My first attempt to get some local “pussy” had met with failure with me getting fucked out of forty bucks and...
A Fire Rekindled.. Part 1
I'd always had a thing for Carla. I just new that given an opportunity we'd really click between the sheets. So when an opportunity arose , many years ago for an unexpected liaison, it was a more than...
My first undressing on camera - led to first taste
My boyfriend has had some lucky shots with his camera a few times before lifting the blanket when I slept but this is the first time I took my clothes off knowing that a camera was rolling. It ended u...
Finding out that I am a bottom
Discovering the joy of being the bottom I was a young man. 20 years old. I had started to lose weight from exercising and eating better. I was fat most of my life I felt great being slimmer. At the t...
Hurricane Evacuees
According to the weatherman, the hurricane was set to make landfall within the next 36 hours. Thankfully, roommates and best friends, Fabrici Mora and Gabriel Valverde, had evacuated the coastal city...
My Step-step-sister 05 – Watched by our neighbours
My Step-step-sister 05 – Watched by our neighbours. Nichole my stunningly sexy step-sister pops into the back garden. “The folks have gone.” I’m not surprised. They’re off for their anniversary m...
True Story.My first gay experience.
This is a 100% true. I know everyone says "this is a true story" but this really is. Its not that farfetched either, infact its pretty hot. Something ill always think about. This goes back to high...
The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Porno
Amy had just received her order from the sex catalog that she’s been waiting for all week. She was hosting Girls Night and couldn’t...
Beach Vacation Surprise
I know it has been awhile. A lot happened while my wife was working in London (or there about) It will be hard to consolidate some of it into non- boring material. It will come out in due time, inclu...
Old Friends
Living with Sarah’s parents was awkward for many reasons. I know they knew what a young married couple like us were up to when it got late as they were likely doing it as well as they were in their la...
Milkmaid For My Father-in-law
Milkmaid For My Father-In-Law As my six month old son Eric nursed, I felt wetness between my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I was...
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