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Darmowe mobilne opowiadania erotyczne

A beach walk
It was December holidays and my bf at the time Kyle, came with us to spend a week at out holiday home in the Cape. Still studying and staying with my mom and stepdad, we had to stick to their rules, a...
Better than Mom's Pussy ThroatPussy Gay
Times had been tough since the f****y breakup and my mother did what she had to do to make ends meet. She spoke of how some of her dates were "professional" and since it was evident that she liked sex...
Surrogate father
A friend of mine wanted a baby really bad, she told me this many times during our lunches and when we would hang out. We had known each other for 6 or 7 years, but not seen each other that often.
Mother's new boyfriend
My mother had not dated much after she divorced my dad several years ago.
I had now turned 18 and my mother felt that she could start to date men and not worry about me so much. I had told her for ...
Wendy not her first rodeo
Wendy not her first rodeo;
It seems so normal for Wendy now, her husband is saying goodbye as he leaves for work, three weeks this time. Her ritual begins, a quick clean and tidy of the house, a s...
The Joy of a Big Black Cock
James eased into my cunt very slowly, very gently, god did he ever fill me! Eleven plus inches of thick hard black cock was just what I needed. He hit bottom gently – with one hell of a satisfied moan...
Tina (my sexy wife), and I have been swinging for a couple years. When I told her I wanted to see her with other men she thought I meant wife-swapping and she got jealous and angr...
My crossdress begining
Sorry for grammar and my English. I try to improve it :)
When I was a student, I tried to work at different companies to earn some money.
I found a nice job at a travel agency where I was a Guid...
A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 10
It was 10 P.M. on a warm Friday evening when I returned to the house that Becca and I shared.
“Hi, sweetie,” Becca said, as I opened the front door and stepped into the house. “How did your day g...
Weekend away from home
My mom is a single parent, it's just her and I as long as I can remember.
Mom did date,but never brought any of them home as far as I know. There were a few adult friends I knew about, and got alo...
Dirty Little Secret
Jenny had been at work all day. She had her own office where she labored as a massage ther****t. Once something she woke up excited to do, it had now become like any other job she'd had in the past.
Busted !
I was walking down Pryme St in Hull and noticed the recently built Travelodge Hotel . Momentarily stopping and thinking "that is one ugly building " . I carried on walking past the very small car park...
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